‘The praxis of my discipline has always been to create an epistemological awareness within myself. To establish a profound understanding of what I am doing by first taking action, reflecting and re-reflecting upon the action then repeating this sequence until the idea is understood.


Clay, with its legacy of endless transformation, is the perfect substance of metaphor: its limitless possibilities, always willing the maturity and fruition of ideas. 


In my work I’m creating sculptures, surfaces and textures that are difficult to date to a specific culture or place: my aim is that the aesthetic is visually striking but also has a familiarity because of the form and application that make the most of the least materials.


The finishes are straightforward yet complex and this creates a dialectic that transcends simple visual appearance, redefining iconic or ceremonial territory. This complemented with the gestalt of the pieces creates a synthesis that gives them an archetypal presence.


The nuanced subtly of optimized simplicity and materiality leads to a contemplative understanding, acceptance and precognitive agreement with the finished works: they literally speak with you.’